Empower Businesses with the Stage Meta Platform

Stage Meta's flexibility and intuitive tools make it the ideal platform for businesses across diverse industries to seamlessly establish their presence in spatial computing environments. Here's how Stage Meta empowers various sectors:


  • Hotels: Enhance guest experiences with immersive virtual tours, interactive marketing displays, and streamlined navigation within spatial environments.

  • Travel Agencies: Create unforgettable destination showcases and interactive package promotions within Stage Meta.

Real Estate

  • Residential: Leverage Stage Meta to offer virtual property tours, open houses, and location-specific advertisements with a spatial dimension.

  • Commercial: Transform the way business parks and commercial hubs are marketed and navigated.


  • Residential Construction: Stage Meta empowers builders to showcase future property layouts and visualize completed projects in an immersive manner.

  • Commercial Construction: Enhance project visualization and streamline site tours and safety training within Stage Meta's spatial environments.

  • Hospital Construction: Create immersive walkthroughs of patient rooms, surgical wards, and common areas within Stage Meta.

Rental Services

  • Stage Meta facilitates virtual viewings of rental properties, guided tours, and precise location-based services and advertisements.


  • Fashion: Stage Meta empowers fashion brands to create immersive environments where customers can interact with products, explore virtual showrooms, and access interactive advertisements.

  • Car dealerships: Through Stage Meta, car dealerships can offer virtual test drives and showcase detailed 3D car models. Customers can visualize every aspect of their dream car, down to the panel colors and interior trim, all in a highly immersive environment.

Key Point: Remember, TPA functions as the gateway that activates and identifies each of these transformative Stage Meta experiences.

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