The Visionaries Supporting Our Endeavor

Why Invest?

Stage Technology Inc. is leading the way in the Spatial Computing revolution, offering a unique investment opportunity in a venture set to transform the digital world. Our focus is on developing Stage Meta, a no-code platform that serves across industries in taking spatial experiences to the next level through TPA (Teleport Plaque Address), an innovative solution designed to make Spatial Computing technologies more accessible and open-source, thus driving global innovation and equitable growth.

As an investor, your contribution goes beyond supporting the development of a gateway like TPA. Your involvement becomes a driving force behind pioneering technologies and applications that are set to revolutionize digital interactions and stimulate economic growth in the spatial computing sector.

Your role as an investor is crucial to our ambitious mission. Your belief in our vision fuels the momentum needed to turn TPA from a groundbreaking concept into a tangible, impactful reality. As a partner in this venture, your involvement is dynamic and vital, helping to guide the course of an evolving, interconnected digital world.

Together, we have the opportunity to redefine the digital landscape, moving towards a more interactive, accessible, and innovative era of Spatial Computing. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey, to invest in the future of digital interaction and connectivity – a future that is significantly shaped by the potential of TPA.

Our Investors

Stage Technology, at the forefront of Spatial Computing innovation, has garnered the support of notable venture capital firms, underscoring its potential in transforming the digital landscape. Right Side Capital Management (RSCM), a prestigious technology startup investment firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, known for its involvement in over 1,375 pioneering startups, is one of our esteemed backers. Their commitment to fostering innovation perfectly aligns with our mission at Stage Technology.

Additionally, Integral Private Wealth Holdings, a prominent investor from New York, has also joined in supporting our vision, further solidifying our position in the venture capital sphere. This collaboration with leading investment entities signifies a strong vote of confidence in the direction, technology, and potential of Stage Technology.

The investments from RSCM and Integral Private Wealth Holdings mark significant milestones in our journey, providing not just financial backing but also a firm belief in our capability to redefine the spatial computing arena. We are grateful for the trust and support from our investors, which propels us forward in our mission to be pioneers in spatial computing, and brings us closer to realizing our vision of establishing TPA as a Universal Domain Address for the Spatial Computing era.

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