💡Meta Energy

The minting process of a TPA is fundamental for Meta Energy. Every time a TPA is generated, Meta Energy is released and divided into two parts: one goes to the TPA issuing the PING and the other to the receiver, in the form of ALPHA Energy (α).

It is important to note that for each TPA created, 1.026 units of ALPHA Energy (α) are transferred to the Distribution Pool. This energy contributes to powering the financial incentives and rewards for users participating in the system.

Currently, the total number of TPA is 17,576,000. It is important to highlight that the energy starts at 100% and decreases to 0% when the last TPA is sold. This constant flow of energy and transactions is key to the efficient and sustainable functioning of the Meta Energy network.

The central element of Meta Energy is ALPHA Energy (α), which constitutes its cornerstone. All energy estimates are based on the premise that one unit of ALPHA Energy (α) is approximately 17.73% of the value of a TPA.

  • ALPHA Energy (α) is the base energy.

  • It started at 100% for the first TPA and will be 0% for the last TPA.

  • All other energy is calculated based on ALPHA Energy (α).

ALPHA Energy (α) changes according to market demand!

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