TPA Activation

Unlocking the core functionalities of TPA

Your TPA serves as the connection between traditional sites and Spatial Computing. To make this transition easier, Stage Meta offers a simple setup and templates to activate your TPA based on the items you wish to show in Spatial Computing.

Follow these steps to activate from the Web App:

  1. Sign in to your Stage Meta Account.

  2. Go to your Account Panel.

  3. Go to Spatial Worlds section on the menu and select the TPA you are going to Activate.

  1. Complete the TPA Activation by filling out the items in 'General Information' and 'Contact Information' sections and select the layout for your TPA.

  • Complete the General Information

  • Complete the Contact Information

  1. Select from one of the pre-designed templates or create your own using the Blank Canvas feature, to customize the layout to your brand.

  1. Using our Mesh AI technology, generate 3D objects from 2D images and/or text prompts.

Completing these steps Activates your TPA for Spatial Computing.

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