Businesses & TPA

It's a one-size-fits-all solution

The versatility of TPA layouts and the objects you can upload make it a perfect place to adapt to any business industry that virtually offers their products and services to customers. Some of these businesses could be:

  • Hospitality

    • Hotels: Enhance guest experiences through spatial computing for navigation and interactive marketing using devices like Meta Quest for virtual tours.

    • Travel Agencies: Create unique spatial experiences and interactive ads to promote destinations and packages, utilizing platforms like the Apple Vision Pro.

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  • Real Estate

    • Residential: Use TPAs for spatially enhanced property tours, open houses, and location-specific advertisements, leveraging devices such as the Apple Vision Pro.

    • Commercial: Implement TPAs in business parks and commercial hubs for streamlined spatial navigation and marketing, facilitated by the Meta Quest.

  • Fashion

    • Utilize TPAs for virtual showrooms and interactive fashion shows within spatial environments, particularly using the Apple Vision Pro to target high-end consumers.

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  • Construction

    • Residential Construction: Leverage TPAs to showcase future property layouts in spatial computing environments and assist in the visualization of completed projects, using tools like the Meta Quest for immersive experiences.

    • Commercial Construction: Utilize TPAs for site tours and safety training with spatial computing aids like the Apple Vision Pro, enhancing architectural project visualization.

    • Hospital Construction: Use TPA to demonstrate patient rooms, surgical wards, and common areas with devices like Meta Quest for immersive experiences, helping in the visualization of the projects.

  • Rental Services

    • Implement TPAs for spatially enhanced virtual viewing of rental properties, guided tours, and precise location-based services and advertisements using spatial computing devices.

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