๐Ÿ‘พSpatial Computing Apps

The Future of Spatial Computing

Our spatial computing app is designed for everyone, from businesses to individuals eager to establish a presence and explore within a spatial computing environment.

  • Users can search for any concept and TPA address in a specific format of three letters and three numbers.

  • If the address exists and is activated, they can teleport to that environment to access and receive services. These addresses may relate to e-commerce, education, or other industry services.

  • Should an address not exist, the app will present concepts related to the search.

  • Individuals can immerse themselves in that environment if the TPA owner activates their immersive address.

Key Audience and Benefits

  • Premium & Untagged Users: Enthusiasts are eager for immersive journeys who aim to navigate, explore, and delve into spatial environments, seeking new and engaging digital experiences through advanced spatial computing.

  • Online Businesses: Retail, Tourism and Hospitality, Real Estate, Automotive, Commercial & Residential Construction are just some of the industries that benefit from Stage Meta's platforms. Stand out from the competition and engage high-value, untapped audiences with immersive, interactive experiences.

  • Businesses with a Spatial Footprint: Businesses looking to utilize Spatial Computing applications to enhance search visibility and increase traffic. Gain enhanced digital presence and increased visibility in spatial directories.

The App is compatible with Appleยฎ Vision Pro and Meta Quest.

How it Works

  1. The first step is purchasing your TPA and Activating it through the web app.

  2. Start by searching for any concept or TPA address in our user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. It's your first step into a spatial world.

  1. Found an activated TPA? Teleport directly to experience services or explore the environment in immersive detail.

  1. Once you have entered your desired TPA, explore with simple spatial motions the desired products.

  1. Select any item and bring it to your environment for a closer look.

  1. From this same page, you can access the item's URL on the company website to purchase it.

  • If an Address doesnโ€™t exist, our app guides you to related concepts or Addresses, ensuring your curiosity always finds a destination.

  • Businesses and entities with a spatial footprint can seamlessly integrate with our API to boost visibility, reaching a wider audience through immersive experiences.

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