TPA Minting

The initial spark in the connection

The Minting process in TPA is the first step to entering this exciting world of possibilities. By issuing a TPA, you are creating a direct connection with the Ethereum blockchain network and gaining access to a unique and powerful TPA, ready to be used as a Universal Domain Address for the Era of Spatial Computing.

The issue of a TPA comes from a Purchase on Stage Meta's Website.

Purchasing a TPA

  1. Go to Stage Meta's website.

  2. On the top menu, go to TPA > Get your TPA

  1. Lookup your TPA combination

  1. Check the status: if it's Available, you can purchase it. If it's Sold, it's not available for sale at the moment, but you have the option to make an offer to the owner to buy it from them.

  2. If the TPA you are looking for is Available, select Buy Now to add it to the shopping cart and make the payment.

  3. View your shopping cart and select the payment method: Cryptocurrency or Debit/Credit Card.

  1. Continue the screen prompts to finalize the payment.

  2. Wait until the confirmation for the Minting from blockchain shows on screen.

  3. Your TPA is Minted and in your Account.

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