Who are we?
Stage Technology Inc. is a pioneering company, relentlessly dedicated to pushing the envelope in the Metaverse and decentralized bleeding-edge technologies. By introducing the Teleport Plaque Address (TPA) and Stage Meta Worlds, we are offering a new level of connectivity and utility within the Metaverse.
The current landscape of the Metaverse is marked by a fragmented addressing system, with each platform employing its own unique hash-based addressing scheme ranging from 26 to 60 characters. This lack of uniformity not only impedes seamless cross-platform engagement, but also stifles the full realization of the Metaverse's transformative potential.
In a bid to harmonize the Metaverse ecosystem, we've introduced the Teleport Plaque Address, a revolutionary, universal addressing system designed to supercharge cross-platform interoperability. Powered by advanced blockchain technology, this system endows users with a distinctive six-character identifier—three letters and three numbers—for all their Metaverse experiences, creating a reservoir of 17,576,000 unique Teleport Plaque Addresses.
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